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*EVENT* - Fiendish Skirmish - *EVENT*
by † Castiel ♥ (zax_dude)
at December 15th, 2006 (11:12 pm)

current location: Edge, Midgar Wastelands, Gaia
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*sighs wistfully* Oh, if only I could get the heading to flash neon and sparkly to catch everyone attention.

Who: ANYONE AND EVERYONE. Anyone close to Midgar, anyone at all. We'd like to see more people active! Everyone roll along here and see what happens...!

When: Friday, late morning.

What?: Some fiends have stormed the city and mostly everyone is rushing around in a blind panic. Help, hide or destroy, your choice.

Notes: Really just a random event to get people active. C'mon dudes, flock! Also, I'm NPC-ing Denzel in this as being with Zax outside, though I've reserved him in advance and will be playing him soon. ♥

* * *

At first it had just been by the city's outskirts, a couple of roguish fiends who seemed to have wanted to try and test their luck at how long they could survive in Edge, the surrounding passerbyers had barely batted an eyelid as some of the city's guards took care of it.

But after a couple came a couple more, and very soon, the entire east side was swarmed with the creatures. And not even the usual, weaker monsters that roamed the wastelands surrounding the recovering settlement, but larger, stronger ones, some of the like that a large portion of the close-minded people of Edge had never seen.

And from that point by the eastern border, the chaos slowly started to spread. Screams of fright because entangles with screams of pain and blood splattered newly set cement, less began to fight and more began to run, closer to the city centre, even those who barricaded themselves into houses and shops couldn't remain safe for long.

Edge started to take a very steep dip into chaos. And nobody knew how, why...


Posted by: Zax Strife (saintsoldier)
Posted at: December 15th, 2006 12:18 pm (UTC)
Zax - Duel

"I don't think Cloud'll be too happy that you stole one of his swords," Denzel drawled, one of his hands bunched around the coarse material of the front of Zax's shirt, leading him through the marketplace. The other had been complaining about wanting to go for a walk, so the boy had figures he could bring him with to do some exploring... as long as he made sure he wasn't bumping into any walls.

"Psh! I didn't steal anything! Borrowed without asking, it's called!" Zax corrected with a snort. He reached forward and biffed Denzel lightly across the back of the head, teasingly. He could tell the boy practically idolized Cloud, and it was cute, but he wold not be called a thief!

Denzel took a moment to sigh and rolled his eyes, though it was with an amused smile on his young face "Riiight... what's the point of carrying a sword when you can't see, anyway-" he was stopped then, as the ex-SOLDIER's hand came down on his shoulder and stilled his face. Turning to blink in confusion up at him, he frowned. "What's wrong...?"

Zax remained silent for a few more moments, staring off absently into his nothingness, and after bit Denzel finally realised he was listening for something, and that the something was getting closer because now he could hear it too... the growls, the crashing, the screaming... people were starting to pause in their business and blink around...

"... run back home, Denzel," Zax growled, pushing the boy back behind him and drawing said 'borrowed' sword, just as a few large, beast-like fiends broke out into the marketplace.

"... H, hey! But you can't even see!" The logic of this situation clearly hadn't reached him.

"Now, Denz, or Cloud'll have my ass," went the man, though had had to admit, his little brunette friend had a very good point. However Zax was stubborn, and he gave Denzel another nudge before striding forward towards the sounds of the beasts. He could hear and feel the people start to panic, rushing past him in the opposite direction, if he tried hard enough he could tell which direction a bag of something had dropped and rolled in... this couldn't be too hard, right...?

Posted by: loz_reverto (loz_reverto)
Posted at: December 23rd, 2006 04:58 am (UTC)

((OOC: Continued from http://community.livejournal.com/nesshin_kokoro/1288.html

Upon reaching the city's outskirt's, Loz realized that keeping out of sight would prove the wisest decision. Ensuring that no one had seen him yet, he began to climb an unfinished building, keeping to the shadows and trying to do so quickly.

Having reached the mid-section of the skyscraper, he chose a spot that he felt would best hide him and sat with one leg tucked beneath him and one dangling down. Excited and enticed, he looked to the ground to find the source of all the action.

The first thing that caught his eye was a child running away from the calamity. "Smart kid," he whispered to himself. It was almost difficult to follow the child's movement amongst the debris he had to navigate through.

Next, he was momentarily blinded by a strong glint of light, reflecting the dying rays of the sun.

Blinking several times with one hand raised against the source, Loz saw something familiar. One of that man's swords, he realized. But that's not HIM holding it.

Climbing higher and getting a second look, Loz saw someone unfamiliar but with a powerful presence.

He moves funny. ...He swerves and twitches like he can't decide where that sword should be pointed. There's something wrong with him.

Loz remained motionless and captivated, waiting for some idea of what to do next to come from one of his brothers.

Posted by: kadaj_argentum (kadaj_argentum)
Posted at: December 23rd, 2006 05:17 am (UTC)

Kadaj wasn't sure what to say or think for a few moments, still drinking in...feeling. Breathing. Listening.

He paused then, moving to the brink of the metal complex, looking down silently, the edges of his lips tugging into a smirk. He loved chaos. He thrived in it. All the beasts that had gathered here were out for blood.

"I know how to get mother back." he said quietly, "There's someone who wants to help us, but he wants us to do something for him. I can explain later. For now...why don't we have some fun?"

Pale green eyes shifted to his brother and slowly a smile formed in the place of a smirk.

"It's been a long time since we've played."

Posted by: Yazoo (yazoo_resurgam)
Posted at: December 24th, 2006 04:25 pm (UTC)
Yazoo - gunfire

Yazoo joined his brothers amidst the glass and metal of the skyscraper, watching silently at first. A light smirk made its way to his features as the sounds of people screaming and fiends screeching reached his ears. People were dying. What a helpless breed…

At Kadaj’s mention of “playing”, the long-haired man nodded. “It looks like there’s plenty to play with,” Yazoo responded casually. His eyes then began to scan the scene below for a place to begin their playtime. It didn’t take long for him to see that the fiends’ movements varied little, and though most of the masses below them were unable to fight back, to him and his brothers the fiends would be easy prey for the most part. That might become boring.

He eventually spotted what Loz seemed to be watching so intently. A curious little sound escaped his lips. “How strange…” he wondered aloud as he watched the man’s quirky movements below. “How strange…and amusing.”

Slowly, Yazoo stood on their ledge, readying himself to make his way down to the chaos for some entertainment. “First we’ll have some fun,” he began as he turned to look at Kadaj and Loz. “Then we’ll find mother. Kadaj knows what to do.”

Kadaj has always known what to do…

Posted by: Zax Strife (saintsoldier)
Posted at: December 26th, 2006 09:43 am (UTC)

If Zax had just carelessly ignored all background sound among the steadily quietening street (as people slowly emptied in a panicked frenzy), he probably wouldn't have picked up the conversation between the three silver-haired men. Even then, he only caught a few words, the erest off just mumbling, as he was still too far away.

Okay, so who were the idiots that weren't running? With the monsters stampedeing around main streets?

Taking careful strides forward, sword lowered by his side just so its point didn't accidentally knock into anything, the raven-haired one narrowed unseeing eyes as he focused his hearing further on the three voices.

All he needed to pick up were the words 'find', and 'mother', and it was enough to make his stomach clench.

... No. Couldn't be. Was just a coincidence. Silly Zax.

"Oooii!!" He called sharply, turning his head in their direction, slightly surprised to find the voices coming from somewhere up high; maybe a balcony of sorts. "Get outta here, whoever you are! It's dangerous ta be outside!"

(ooc: Sorry that took so long, guys. D: )

Posted by: kadaj_argentum (kadaj_argentum)
Posted at: December 26th, 2006 09:53 am (UTC)

"Well...we've been given a new toy." he commented lightly, hardened green eyes were like glass pools, an inner light flickering beneath them. "So you should take good care of it."

He paused for only a moment the amusement fading from his face to be replaced with a thoughtful stare. He flexed his fingers in one gloved hand, the other remained curled around the hilt of his beloved souba. It fit perfectly there as if it were an extension of himself.

It is dangerous isn't it... he thought to himself and then laughed softly, watching now, he knew his brothers would take care of it. He would watch for now. The roars and screams mingled in the air and somehow he thought it far more amusing than he should have.

Posted by: Yazoo (yazoo_resurgam)
Posted at: December 30th, 2006 11:40 pm (UTC)
Yazoo - mostly hair

A maliciously amused chuckle escaped Yazoo as he and his brothers were addressed by the man below. “It seems our toy is calling to us,” he commented before leaping down first. Landing nearly silently, Yazoo stood not too far from the raven-haired swordsman. The smirk on his face reflected an unsettling delight he took from such scenarios.

“You are right,” he began in reply to the man’s earlier yells. “It is dangerous, though perhaps only for you.”

A fiend began to approach Yazoo, thinking at first that the strange man was easy prey. Stepping lightly, it began to approach, its teeth bared and ready. Its target still had his back to it, so it seemed safe to assume that it was still unnoticed. Then, to the surprise of the beast, Yazoo turned and drew Velvet Nightmare in one fluid motion and fired three shots between the fiend’s eyes. He turned back to face the raven-haired “plaything”, just as the fiend collapsed dead.

Velvet Nightmare was still in hand.

Posted by: loz_reverto (loz_reverto)
Posted at: January 9th, 2007 04:57 pm (UTC)

Loz watched in disappointment as Yazoo easily took care of the creature. "I want a challenge," he mumbled with a whine.

He suddenly had a mischievious thought and, acting impulsively, placed himself (with almost undetectable speed) behind Kadaj. "It's more fun with three," he whispered as he pushed his brooding brother off the building.

Loz laughed loudly as he followed Kadaj's fall, running perpendicular to the ground along the metal structure's outer walls.

Landing heavily, Loz squinted to keep the resulting dust out of his eyes. He had apparently landed almost on top of a group of three fiends, startling them and causing them to scatter. They quickly regained their "fight" instinct and began to surround their prey. Loz squatted low, grinning calculatingly.

The first to attack was the first to be finished off by DualHound unloading its power into the beast and launching it high in the air. A second beast chose to attack from behind while the remaining third tried to dismantle Loz's legs from under him.

Loz leapt backwards, bashing his head into the rear-fiend's jaw. Still in a spiralling motion, he kicked his leg upward, losing his foot somewhere in the soft, muscled throat of the last fiend.

All hit the ground simultaneously. This isn't nearly enough fun, he thought grumpily. He was irritated.

He stood and looked around for his brothers, and kept a wary out out for the odd man with the gargantuan sword. Maybe HE could be the interesting one.

((OOC: Sorry that took so long, guys. I hope what I wrote was okay.))

Posted by: Zax Strife (saintsoldier)
Posted at: January 9th, 2007 11:13 pm (UTC)
Zax - Loneliness

(ooc: You're fine ♥)

Dangerous for him? Okay. Now Zax knew he was in some deep shit. He lowered his head a little as a frown overcame his features, the sounds of the finds was close now, pounding in his eardrums and demanding that he took action. It seemed, though, that the three men - yes, he was certain there was three of them now - were contect with clearing the area before confronting him.

Just who would pick a fight in a situation like this? Punks lookin' for trouble? Nah... street punks couldn't deal with monsters so easily. It didn't help that the voices were oddly familiar, in the way that something is when you've sure you heard it in the television several times from another room-

Oh shit.


"Aaah, so you're the momma's boys!" Zax called with recognition, one eyebrow shooting up. Of course. If other dead were coming back to life... "Pleased ta finally meet you guys!"

As casual as he sounded, Zax honestly wasn't quite sure how he was supposed to keep himself from dying... again. Handling fiends blind wasn't so bad, but those three?

Posted by: loz_reverto (loz_reverto)
Posted at: January 15th, 2007 08:43 pm (UTC)

((OOC: Sorry. No pressure on our Kadaj, but Yazoo and I would prefer to wait for Kadaj's post before continuing on our own. If it's preferred that we should go on without him, we WILL, absolutely,, but it would help smooth out dialogue if he DID post.

No rush!! Thanks!))

Posted by: aenaku_kaosu (aenaku_kaosu)
Posted at: December 23rd, 2006 05:09 am (UTC)

It was like Cloud to be in the middle of the chaos. He had to deliver something for Tifa today and wasn't all that thrilled at what he came home to. He had abandoned Fenrir taking to going after the beasts on foot.

Why are they coming into the town?! he wondered, gritting his teeth as he took a stance. His eyes flicking from monster to monster, trying to anticipate which direction they were going to attack from.

But there were too many.

Maybe he should tell the others...

Posted by: saferseraphim (saferseraphim)
Posted at: January 10th, 2007 01:14 am (UTC)

Sephiroth landed with almost complete silence, the click of his hard soled boots announced his landing.

He walked through the streets, looking round. It would seem most of the people had fled into their homes or away to a safer place, lucky them... for now.

He mused to himself with an evil little smirk as he pondered ways to set the city ablaze, with plenty of explosions while he hunted down those remaining few who were infected.

He sensed their presence as he walked, but paid little heed to them; the fiends that hid in the alleyway, shrinking away into the farthest corner, trying to hide themselves from Sephiroths piercing gaze.

He was disappointed at the lack of greeting, however his disappointment faded momentarily as a growl announced the will to fight in one of the fiends.

Sephiroth held that malicious smirk as he stopped walking and turned to his aggressor; a quadruped type beast that bared it's fangs. Sephiroth was neither phased by the beast nor did he draw Masamune which dangled at his side, tipped forward by one hand to keep the end from dragging, the hand which remained on the handle. His other hand swept slowly to one side, beckoning the beast to come.

The clack and scrath of it's talons resounded in the quiet street as it dashed towards him, leaping and snarling, a snarl which was cut abruptly short as Sephiroth's free hand swung forward and seized the airborne beast by the throat, causing a hushed yelp to squeeze from the beast's slobbering mouth, his gloved hand holding it in the air by the trachea.

"Hmph." Sephiroth scoffed making a sour face. What were these pathetic beasts? He'd tangled with tougher messenger beasts in the Wutai war!

The writhing beast's movement stopped as it died in Sephiroth's grip. He released the beast and gave it a good solid side kick as it dropped, as if it were a pop can sending it crashing into the wall of the building leaving a slight spatter of blood as it slumped to the ground.

Any more? No? A look of disappointment remained on his face. How boring. He continued to walk through the city, the creatures reluctant to be in his sight.

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