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by Forgotten Archlight (serinance)
at November 6th, 2006 (02:53 am)

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Apply Here!

PLEASE let it be known that there will probably be sexual situations in this roleplay and suggestive inuendo. If you have any problems with homosexuality, bisexuality or transgenders don't join.

Your journal:
Character journal:
(yes this IS important)

Why do you want to play this character?:
(if I see 'becuz tehy r kool' you will instantly be denied membership. 'kay? kay.)

Character Name:
Reference picture:

(I want to see in depth paragraphs here, not one or two lines)

History: (Same as above, please be detailed, don't be afraid to leave anything out!)

Sample roleplay: (I want to see at LEAST 2 or 3 paragraphs. A sentence will not be accepted. And if you type like you're a 12 year old on spleen you'll also be denied membership)


Posted by: morigor255 (morigor255)
Posted at: November 7th, 2006 06:48 pm (UTC)

Can I please reserve Vincent? I am currently busy and can't type a full application, but will do so ASAP (later today most probably). If you want to see some samples of my work you can view my fic at my LJ. :)

Posted by: Forgotten Archlight (serinance)
Posted at: November 7th, 2006 10:51 pm (UTC)

Certainly ^^ I'll reserve you but you still have to fill out an application. <3. Thank you.

Posted by: Jan (ssjkuja)
Posted at: November 10th, 2006 03:08 am (UTC)

Hello. ^^ I'm very much considering applying for the part of Yazoo. However, I have a few questions that I'd like to ask you about the RPG. I sent an e-mail to Serinance about it, but I'm not sure it got through (I used a Yahoo e-mail so it might've been sorted to the junk folder if you're using Hotmail). I'll gladly re-send my questions in another e-mail. In the meantime, if possible, would I be able to reserve Yazoo's character? Or, um, should I just post the questions here?

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. ^^

Posted by: Jan (ssjkuja)
Posted at: November 10th, 2006 03:33 am (UTC)

Oh! I probably should've included this above (silly me ^^; ), but here's my e-mail:


Sorry for the double-post. :P

Posted by: Forgotten Archlight (serinance)
Posted at: November 12th, 2006 01:29 pm (UTC)
Re: Oops

No worries. I'll reserve him but you still need to fill out an application. ^_^ Just ask me any questions you might have through instant messenger.


I'm usually on in the evening. Sorry for the slow reply. <3.

Posted by: Jan (ssjkuja)
Posted at: November 13th, 2006 04:33 am (UTC)
Pizazz submits her application!

Your journal: ssjkuja
Name(nickname): Pizazz
Character journal: yazoo_resurgam
Age: 19
Email: kiubi_kitsune@yahoo.ca OR rock.hatake@gmail.com (I’d prefer it if you used the Yahoo e-mail though)
AIM/MSN/SKYPE: blue_ice69_@hotmail.com (I don’t have AIM or SKYPE)

Why do you want to play this character?: I wish to role-play as Yazoo, as I feel he is a very intriguing character that I wish to explore. Although I do have a good feel for his character thus far, I’m sure it can only continue to develop and improve.

Character Name: Yazoo
Reference picture: Yazoo
Occupation: None
Age: Unknown – appears to be in his early twenties

Personality: Cunning and dangerous, Yazoo is the shinentai that was formed from Sephiroth’s allure and superhuman qualities. His strength is a subtle one, but not to be underestimated, as he is ruthless and determined. With an ethereal air about him and his movements, he appears to be the more levelheaded of the shinentai. Yazoo approaches tasks with a cool mindset, and the certainty that he will hit his target or meet his goal. He shows little in the way of expression, though he is not unfeeling. All of his emotions were once directed towards the being he called Mother, though now that “Mother” has been removed from the picture, he has yet to find anything to direct his emotions towards.

History: Yazoo was spawned alongside his “brothers”, Kadaj and Loz, by Sephiroth. Willed into being by a mind beyond the Lifestream, and subtly guided by that same mind, he was essentially used as a puppet in his short time on the planet. During Kadaj’s plot to use children with Geostigma to lead them to Jenova’s remains, Yazoo was given the task to collect said children from the streets of Edge and bring them to his brothers. He died alongside Loz in an explosion that almost ended Cloud’s life as well.

Sample roleplay:
Yazoo turned around, but the source of the sound could not be seen. His expression didn’t show it, but he made a mental note to keep his guard up as he walked. Taking one last glance around the area to make sure he didn’t miss anything, he turned once more and continued to walk towards Seventh Heaven. Few passed him along the way, all lost in their own thoughts within the gray confines of Edge.

As he grew closer to the bar, he looked up and saw a statue of an angel perched on an archway. Though angels were believed to be signs of protection, this stone angel looked just as gray as the rest of the buildings, no more divine or protective than any other stone in the city. What a strange, false idol these people have placed here to look up at, thought Yazoo as he walked beneath it.

Seventh Heaven at last came into view, and Yazoo stood for some time across the street from its door. His reason for going to that place had never strayed from his mind, but he couldn’t help but pause a moment to let the moment sink in. There was a certain excitement in the thought of carrying out his objective, though he knew it would not be easy. Cloud was the only one who would probably recognize him, but the others would catch on quickly – that Yazoo was sure of. Regardless, he had something to do, and he would of course do it as efficiently as possible. Nodding to himself, Yazoo at last closed the distance to the door to Seventh Heaven and placed his hand on the doorknob.

Posted by: Forgotten Archlight (serinance)
Posted at: November 13th, 2006 04:36 am (UTC)
Re: Pizazz submits her application!

Accepted! Have fun! :D Be sure to click "join community" at the top of the page so I can approve you!

Posted by: Miss B (adonianrhapsody)
Posted at: November 13th, 2006 10:07 am (UTC)
Nanaki Returns!

Your journal: AdonianRhapsody
Name(nickname): b.
Character journal: WiseNanaki-XIII
Age: 18
Email: gypsyrosedancer@hotmail.com
AIM/MSN/SKYPE: GypsyRoseDancer1/gypsyrosedancer@hotmail.com/sonjia_of_darkanmer

Why do you want to play this character?: I have always favored Red XIII above the others for his wise antics and fighting ability.

Character Name: Nanaki
Alias: Red XIII
Reference picture: Nanaki/RedXIII
Occupation: Beast/Elder
Age: 48 [Equivalent of 14/15 Human years]

Personality: Red XIII – or Nanaki, as his birth-name states – is best viewed as a “elder” and a battle-tested warrior. He follows a strict code of honor and respect. Showing an air of isolation and coldness, Red XIII is, inside, very compassionate and protecting of his race, beliefs, and companions. He simply has his own way of showing it.

History: Red XIII was a science experiment of ShinRa Industries when he was captured by the Turks as they arrived in his home of Cosmo Canyon. He was found and released by Cloud and company on their hunt of where Aeris had been kidnapped. He was kept there by Hojo, the lead scientist, who had given him the codename Red XIII.

The experiment Hojo was testing was to try and mate Aeris – an Ancient, and Red XIII – a rare form of feline beast, to preserve two endangered species as Red XIII is considered to be the last of his kind, a race of beasts sworn by honor to protect their home.

While traveling with Cloud and his companions, they arrive at Cosmo Canyon and Red XIII is referred to as “Nanaki”, his true name, by his ‘grandfather’, Buhenhagen. Also while in Cosmo Canyon, he learned the truth about his father, who was not a coward but an honorable hero who died protecting his home.

Sample roleplay:
Sleep. It was almost forbidden. Curled up on the cold forest floor under a pile of leaves he had drug in, the decent-sized beast closed his eyes. He had been trying to get a peaceful rest for three hours. His stomach was hungry, and mad at him for neglecting it. But the chance of finding something he felt like eating was critically low in these areas.

Instead, he pulled himself up off the ground and shook off the leaves that contrasted with his fur. He started with a steady walk, then a jog, until he was galloping through the forest towards the town nearby where he hoped he might find a rabbit or something of decent enough equivalency to satisfy his stomach.

Nanaki sprinted through the trees, dodging like a bullet through the oaks and pines. Their trunks rose high above the ground, standing tall and proud, reminding him of his father who stood tall above Cosmo Canyon, now the ever-watchful stone Guardian.

He stopped short of a withering maple, stopping to walk around it and look at it fully. The tree was dying slowly, painfully. He could almost feel it’s agony. Carefully, he put his claws to the bark and carved graceful designs to signify growth into the trunk. He then sat back and watched the tree.

As the clouds moved away from the moon above and shown down on Nanaki and the suffering maple, he gave a long, low cry to the heavens as a healing blessing to the tree and his father’s memory, with it.

Posted by: Forgotten Archlight (serinance)
Posted at: November 13th, 2006 10:09 am (UTC)
Re: Nanaki Returns!

Accepted! :D Well done and welcome to the community! There's an OOC community as well you might want to check out. *Snugs* Thankie!

Posted by: Miss B (adonianrhapsody)
Posted at: November 13th, 2006 10:12 am (UTC)
Re: Nanaki Returns!
Girl Gamer

No problem! It was actually pretty easy, I was just multi-tasking so it took a while to get up. XD

Posted by: loz_reverto (loz_reverto)
Posted at: November 14th, 2006 03:25 am (UTC)
Application post

Just go here (for the love of GAWD):


THAR you go, people.

Posted by: Forgotten Archlight (serinance)
Posted at: November 14th, 2006 03:26 am (UTC)
Re: Application post


Posted by: beat_rush_tifa (beat_rush_tifa)
Posted at: November 14th, 2006 06:14 am (UTC)
RP application...

http://beat-rush-tifa.livejournal.com/ OMG. Here it is on the only post.

Posted by: Forgotten Archlight (serinance)
Posted at: November 14th, 2006 06:30 am (UTC)
Re: RP application...

Approved! :D

Posted by: loz_reverto (loz_reverto)
Posted at: November 14th, 2006 03:48 pm (UTC)

I was just wondering if this was set-up with the characters intended to be falling in love/already in a relationship with another character.

Don't get me wrong; I think Tifa's one of the HOTTEST things to come out of Japan but I can't see she and Loz together anytime soon.

Obviously, I'm open to change, but I just wanted to get this answered.

~~"Loz" TT_TT

Posted by: Forgotten Archlight (serinance)
Posted at: November 14th, 2006 06:38 pm (UTC)
Re: Query:

No one is obligated to do any type of pairing they don't want to. This roleplay isn't just about pairing whomever with whomever. There's going to be story but only us mods know the plotline so all of the players will get to play it out :3

We wanted to do something a little more interesting than normal roleplays and throw out things that happened in which the players have the choice to stop something from happening or it'll continue on it's course.

The only set pairing/threesome for this roleplay that I'm doing because the other two players wanted to is CloudxAerisxZax. Though we aren't playing it like 'zomg ur alive letz hav smex lololol'. Everything will be down from scratch.

but anyway. <3.

I hope this answers your question!

Posted by: Vincent Valentine (xturk_valentine)
Posted at: November 16th, 2006 08:21 am (UTC)
Vincent Valentine App

Your journal: [lj user=morigor255]
Name(nickname): Morigor
Character journal: [lj user = xTurk_Valentine]
Age: 24
Email: ElegraRZ@yahoo.com
AIM/MSN/SKYPE: Darina255

Why do you want to play this character?:

Character Name: Vincent Valentine
Reference picture: [link = http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/fs12/300W/i/2006/261/2/4/Vincent_Valentine_by_Morigor.jpg]Vincent Valentine as an ex-Turk[/link]
Occupation: none, sometimes takes on mercenary jobs and anything to help out his friend Reeve Tuesti in the WRO.
Age: 27 (really 60)

Personality: Solemn and brooding, the burden of his past sins still weighs heavy on his shoulders. He prefers to be alone, often wandering the dark streets of Edge with the Night as company to his solitude. He is a stoic man , not easily angered, and not one to lose control. That is, unless the inner demons whom he shares his body with stir inside him. Vincent wears a cold, expressionless mask, thus hiding his true thoughts and feeling behind his grim veneer. Although he comes off as a dark and mysterious man, his heart is the complete opposite of his appearance. He feels very strongly about people he is attached to, giving them his loyalty untill the bitter end. After the battle with Omega, he was able to put his love for Lucrecia behind him, but there is now a void in his soul that he seeks to replace. He is a noble friend and comrade, but there are very few people who know the 'real' Vincent Valentine. To the rest, he is a ruthless assassin, as deadly with his words as he is with his gun.

Posted by: Vincent Valentine (xturk_valentine)
Posted at: November 16th, 2006 08:22 am (UTC)
Re: Vincent Valentine App


History: Vincents childhood is unkown. He came to ShinRa as a Turk at a relatively young age, due to his father working in their science department. He was chosen based on his skill, not on his personality, which at times was deemed weak. Vincent Valentine held too much compassion for the likings of the Turk leader, and the training he had undergone had been anything but easy. By the time he met Lucrecia he was a silent, deadly assassin, quickly moving up in the ranks of the Turks. His infatuation with Hojo's assistant grew into a blinding love. However, there was an accident at the labs one day, partly due to a miscalculation in one of Lucrecia's experiments, that claimed the life of his father. Lucrecia grew cold and distant then, blaming herself for his father's death, and unable to face Vincent and his love for her. She was then seduced by Hojo, choosing him instead of the Turk, and becoming pregnant with Sephiroth. When Vincent found out about the terrible experiments that the fetus was going to endure, he confronted Lucrecia, but was unable to speak his mind. Thus he blames himself for everything that Sephiroth had grown to become. When later, Lucrecia began to feel the effects of Jenova, Vincent confronted Hojo. The scientist shot him in the chest, and handed him over to Lucrecia as punishment. The woman then fused the powerful demon Chaos within Vincent's body in order to keep him alive. After the birth of Sephiroth, she was lost to Jenova, and Hojo took over the Valentine experiment. In the end, Vincent was enhanced with the G-substance, a contaminated, and extremely powerful form of Mako, trapping ancient demons within his body. Upon awakening, Vincent was horrified to what had been done to him. Scared for what his new dark side would accomplish, he locked himself away in the Mansion basement, to sleep for all eternity.

He was awakened 30 years later by Cloud Strife and his company, and played a large part in the Jenova War.

Two years later he found out about the trio of silver-haired men while seeking his own answers in the Northern Crater. He was able to save Tseng and Elena before they killed them, thus drawing himself into the midst of the second war against Jenova and Sephiroth.

Finally, the year after, old ShinRa secrets begun to resurface once more. Loyal to his close friend Reeve Tuesti, Vincent joined the WRO forces in a fight against Deepground. During this battle he was also confronted with his own history, and his demons. His past came to haunt him in ways he never imagined. His worst nightmare had come true when he came face to face with his old enemy, Hojo. The proto materia that kept him in control of Chaos was gone, and so he was unable to withstand the rage inside him. However, a new friend with the mind of an old love came to his rescue when he needed her most, and thus the Omega Weapon was destroyed, and Chaos died with it.

What is left now is a man who seeks redemption for his soul. Vincent Valentine is no longer posessed by his past, but has far from forgotten it.

Posted by: Vincent Valentine (xturk_valentine)
Posted at: November 16th, 2006 08:23 am (UTC)
Re: Vincent Valentine App


Sample roleplay: (this is from my fic, but its a good example of how I write Vincent)

The night was cool, but not uncomfortable, and the crisp air felt unusually clean as it filled Vincent's lungs. The tall man strode purposely towards Seventh Heaven. He changed out of his dusty clothes, opting for a simple, black leather outfit and his hair was tied back in a loose tail. Asking the WRO guards back at the apartment, he was told that the younger brother left a while ago, heading to Tifa's bar. Vincent was slightly unnerved by the news, feeling uneasy about seeing the clone again at the very place where he saw him last. He shook that feeling off. Maybe it was a sign that he was to pick up things where they left off.

He cringed as a loud roar of the rowdy bar crowd reached his ears. Frowning, he was determined to keep going, finally finding himself staring at the sign hand-painted in red letters. "Seventh Heaven".

Vincent took a deep breath and pushed open the door. His eyes quickly scanned the crowd, instantly recognizing the wild red mess of Reno's hair, with Rude sitting beside him, sipping something green while listening to his partner babble. Loz was there too, nodding his head as he listened to the one-sided conversation.

He was about to approach them when his eyes fell on a slender figure, partially obscured by a larger man.

Vincent halted and nearly doubled over as a sharp pain in his chest all but knocked the breath out of him.

There was Yazoo, straddling the lap of a man he could only guess was some grunt. His silver hair was tangled in the man's thick fingers as the man buried his tongue inside Yazoo's mouth. They broke the kiss, and Yazoo tipped his head back, allowing rough lips to violate the elegant neck.

Vincent bit back a roar, letting a soft growl escape his lips instead. He clenched his fists, reeling from the sudden need for air.

Posted by: Vincent Valentine (xturk_valentine)
Posted at: November 16th, 2006 08:26 am (UTC)
Re: Vincent Valentine App

btw i totally butchered the links....Yay for typing this at 2 am :P


the above is the reference picture.

Posted by: † Castiel ♥ (zax_dude)
Posted at: November 16th, 2006 09:06 am (UTC)
Not Accepted
FF7 - Cloud - Suspicion

I'm sorry be we can't accept your application in its current state. You've failed to fill out the following area(s):

- Why do you want to play this character?:

That, and also, in the 'sample roleplay' section you've put an excerpt from a fanfiction, which is much different from actual roleplay. Unless you've got a good reason for not having put in an actual para-RP section, usually if you have not para-RPed in the past we'd prefer if you wrote up something for the application instead of using fanfiction.

Please edit your application and try again. :)

Mod-chan Steph

Posted by: Vincent Valentine (xturk_valentine)
Posted at: November 16th, 2006 06:07 pm (UTC)
Re: Not Accepted

Why do you want to play this character? Vincent has long been one of my favorite characters of all time. I love the fact that he can remain calm and collected despite everything that goes on in his mind. After playing DoC I gained even more respect for this character. The man has endured so much more than Sephiroth or Cloud, and yet he hadn't gone insane or given in to his inner demons. He is probably the strongest character out of all, not physically, but emotionally and mentally.

Sample roleplay:

He moved silently through the halls of the new WRO headquarters, his armor-clad feet falling on marble without even so much as a soft clank. Guards nodded in respect and parted before the tall man, letting him pass without question.

Vincent paused by the elevators, frowning as his eyes fell on the numbers above their doors. Opting for a faster route, he ducked into the stairwell. His long strides carried him up several floors before he reached the desired altitude. Stepping into a large room, Vincent scanned his surroundings quickly, taking in the receptionist's desk in the corner next to a heavily guarded door.

The woman at the desk smiled when she saw him. Vincent gave her a small nod of aknowledgement, halting at the door to the Commissioner's office.

He closed his eyes, taking a few precious seconds to collect himself before entering. He knew Reeve would be upset. Hell, upset wouldn't even cover it. Taking a deep breath, he stepped through.

Reeve Tuesti was sitting on a couch in his office, reading the latest reports. Vincent paused, studying his friend. No, he didn't know yet. Letting out a barely-audible sigh, the dark gunman brushed his black mane out of his face. His crimson eyes were Mako-bright with stress as he approached his comrade.

"Reeve." Vincent's grave tone was enough to make blood drain from the Commissioner's face. "One of our new generators had been attacked."

Posted by: † Castiel ♥ (zax_dude)
Posted at: November 20th, 2006 05:06 am (UTC)
Re: Not Accepted
FF7 - Zax - Scarfangst

I'm sorry, but after a discussion among all of the mods and some of the players, We still cannot accept your application, for the following reason.

We have had a few complaints from a few of our players as to the way you characterise Vincent, involving some of the sexual themes you use and the way you depict other characters. We would like to keep the trouble at a minimal and we're afraid that accepting you would disturb the peace of the community and make a few people reluctant to post or interact with your character.

I apologise for the inconvenience, and the late reply, but it was something we had to heavily discuss.


Posted by: Vincent Valentine (xturk_valentine)
Posted at: November 20th, 2006 07:49 am (UTC)
Re: Not Accepted

Hmmm...thats interesting, cuz I was told by EmoChocoboBoy that she liked the way I characterized him. /shrug

Guess that was a good waste of an hour or two.

Posted by: morigor255 (morigor255)
Posted at: November 20th, 2006 08:01 am (UTC)
Re: Not Accepted

Hey, question. Since my Vincent was regected, am I allowed to app for any other chars? I've only really RPed Rufus ShinRa, was going to try something new with Vincent, but I guess it wasn't what you were looking for. So I would like to app for Rufus, unless you guys don't want me on this community, period.

Posted by: Forgotten Archlight (serinance)
Posted at: November 20th, 2006 10:46 am (UTC)
Re: Not Accepted

I apologize once again on behalf of the moderators but we operate as a group, we discuss things together and if one mod is over ruled by the others then that's that. It took us many hours to come to an agreement.

Please reread what was said by the moderator who replied to your application. We feel it would not be best for our community if you were to join it. Once again I am sorry.


Posted by: Jordanne (lady_yazoo)
Posted at: November 18th, 2006 07:19 pm (UTC)

I am resigning from this Role Play. Prior to learning I was not wanted I was alright with constructive criticism and perfectly fine with being told I wasn't the best role player. However, when reading a comment in Serinance's journal saying she didn't want to let me in but my age was an excuse really revealed to me I don't want to be in here.
I'm all for exceptions, excuses, and whatnot. However if the only reason I'm in this RP is my age, I don't want to be. I realize my grammar is flawed and I confuse people in some instances, but that doesn't mean that I'm extremely bad at roleplaying. I intended to get my grammar nazi friend to check my posts and give me pointers, however..

I don't want to be in a community that doesn't want me to be there. So, find another Tifa. As you make it sound, there are probably ones 56 times better than I.

Posted by: Forgotten Archlight (serinance)
Posted at: November 19th, 2006 12:09 am (UTC)
Re: Resigning

Yeah, Oki, I think you're being a little too sensative about what I said...

While I admit I was out of line you'll have to understand why I said what I did...

The age limit for the roleplay is 13/14 years old so you were barely in. I was really worried and expressed my worry to a co-mod about your age because of a lot of the roleplaying we like to do (mostly sexual situations). I felt like you had a chance to learn a lot from others in the community also.

I never once said you were bad roleplayer. I never once condemned you for joining the group. If I hadn't really wanted you there I wouldn't have even accepted your application. While you need help with your grammar and spelling it's not something that can't be fixed. You are a good roleplayer you just need time to hone your skill.

Like anything, writing takes practice, no one is excellent at it from day one.

So when I said "I accepted a Tifa player I really didn't want to but she's 14 so she has an excuse", it was my worry, not my dislike of you talking. I don't dislike you and I'd very much like to continue being friends. That is, if you haven't already blocked my journal and my MSN.

I'd also like it if you didn't quit the group. I'm not a mean person by nature. All of my friends know this.

I felt like I should explain myself a little further.

I'm sorry...

Posted by: Jordanne (lady_yazoo)
Posted at: November 19th, 2006 01:12 am (UTC)
Re: Resigning

Because we talked it over and I understand everything now, I won't quit. I'm sorry I overreacted, I should've realized I shoulda talked to you first.

Posted by: saferseraphim (saferseraphim)
Posted at: November 20th, 2006 04:46 am (UTC)


Applying for Sephiroth... <<

Posted by: benjiii_theboy (dangerstar666)
Posted at: December 3rd, 2006 12:08 pm (UTC)

my journal: dangerstar666
name: Benjiii
character journal: [not sure what you mean by this sorry]
age: 18
Email: benjiii_theboy@yahoo.com
AIM: bombzbombsaway

Why Do You want to play this character:

i love garnet. she's always been my number one favorite. her back-story as well as what her story is during the game is what makes me love her. i feel like i know her inside out.

Character name: garnet/dagger
Reference Picture: [icon]
Occupation: princess/traveler
Age: 17

Posted by: benjiii_theboy (dangerstar666)
Posted at: December 3rd, 2006 12:09 pm (UTC)

sorry this is the icon ^

Posted by: Forgotten Archlight (serinance)
Posted at: December 3rd, 2006 12:10 pm (UTC)

No. Denied. Instantly. I SAID this was an FFVII roleplaying community. You're not paying attention.

Posted by: 「♥ 」⇒ [ シャーニ- ] (shahni)
Posted at: December 3rd, 2006 12:26 pm (UTC)
Vincent Valentine Application; Pt 1
[ ff7; rufus; greater than you ]

Your journal: shahni
Name(nickname): Shahni
Character journal: (I'll make it if accepted.)
Age: 21
Email: shahnida [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM/MSN/SKYPE: MoonlitValentine (Private - AIM)

Why do you want to play this character?:

Because you threatened to eat my cookies. I like my cookies. I've been playing Vincent for a long time now, and am confident I could give him justice. I'm also a fan of his so. does that count? :3

Character Name: Vincent Valentine
Reference picture: Here's some fanart. :3
Occupation: ex-Turk; freelance fighter; AVALANCHE member
Age: 27 officially, 60+ otherwise.

Personality: The first word that would come to mind on looking at Vincent would be dark. Not necessarily in a 'tall, dark, handsome' sense- but enough for people to mistake him to be brooding. They might not entirely be off. He's tall, without question- at six feet, who wouldn't be?. However, his stature is nearly always proper, poised, graceful. He has the aura of an aristocrat if he could be one, which he isn't- but enough to come off as one if he wished to bother imposing himself apon people. He isn't muscular , but he has the build of someone who obviously maintains himself and he does. Surprisingly, his actions are never hurried or seemingly active- yet he seems to be doing as much as he can without letting himself be obvious.

Quiet. Collected. Private. All this and every variation of it seems to sum up this enigma of a person- and Vincent likes keeping it that way. He isn't demanding or loud, nor is he outspoken. However, talk to him and you will discover a philosopher and thinker trapped within the shadows. He isn't rude, nor does he attempt to be, though at times he does come off as stand-offish. He likes to mind his own business and will not interfere in people's dealings if he doesn't have to. However, there is a side to him that quietly watches out for people he cares for, though they may never know this because he's not very vocal about how he feels.

He's often seen wearing a gauntlet on his left arm which he removes when he's not in battle. His eyes are a dark shade of crimson, an obvious enough color to not be mistaken for brown. His vision, however, is not impaired, nor is he suffering from any sort of unseen disease- he's actually quite healthy and appears to be so. His gaze, however, can often leave one uncomfortable as he tends to look directly at you, exuding a silent confidence that doesn't seem apparent from the way he otherwise seems to keep himself like a shadow.

That probably contradicts the fact that Vincent -likes- being around people, if just to observe them and read them for who they are. He does maintain a comfortable distance so he doesn't get too involved in places where he doesn't have to be, believing matters of a person to be their sole business to deal with until and unless his interference -is- needed. (To stop a violent fight, for example.) He is very often on the mark about personalities of others, without really needing to interact with them.. and he isn't judgemental about people.

Posted by: 「♥ 」⇒ [ シャーニ- ] (shahni)
Posted at: December 3rd, 2006 12:27 pm (UTC)
Vincent Valentine Application; Pt 2
[ ff7; vincent ; glare ]

What's interesting to know is that often there will be times where a maternal side to his actions. This side, which is probably only revealed to those who he feels need the attention to pacify them and to stop them from harming themselves, isn't overbearing or intrusive, but quietly accepting- and in that acception, it is commanding if you're willing to listen to it in that way- often it will be for your own good. Never will there be a time Vincent will suggest anything that's impossible for the person he's advising- if he's saying it, he's saying it because he knows the other person can take it. He likes to be self-sufficient enough to handle things for his own, and if possible - for those that may want him to help them out. That isn't to say he will often think before he speaks- but if he does automatically give a response that appears to be harsh, read through his words again. He never intends offense and doesn't want to be offensive. He simply wishes for you to see the truth. Which is probably why, he tends to listen more than talk.

Vincent is by nature, a pacifist, but he doesn't believe in being foolish enough to assume everyone else is. Which brings us to the fact that even his 'fighting'- if he needs to do it, will be mostly defensive instead of offensive- he maintains and exudes an aura of composure, which at times, can be a calming presence to have, and at times scary- he's very adept at hiding how he feels, but will often make sure he knows how you do to treat you accordingly.

Other than that, he's pretty much as he appears to be, tall, perhaps good looking though he'd never bother elaborating that part about himself by doing anything to improve his looks- which he feels he doesn't really need to do, and calm. Really the kind of person who you probably wont notice the presence of at first, until and unless he makes himself known. And then you'll wonder how you missed noticing him at all.

History: Once a member of Shinra's Elite Turk Forces, Vincent Valentine was one of the chosen bodyguards for the Jenova Project where he guarded the head Professors Hojo, Gast and Lucrecia. While the project went on, he struck up a friendship with one of the leading scientists who would soon be a willing participant in said Project to have a child for their research. Having developed feelings for Lucrecia, Vincent tried to court her, only to discover that her feelings lay with one of her co-workers, Professor Hojo, who she ended up marrying, leaving a heartbroken but accepting Vincent who only hoped for Lucrecia's happiness.

However, all was not to be as simple as it seemed. Injected with cells from the alien life force Jenova (mistakenly thought to be a Cetra), Lucrecia was impregnated by Hojo and out of their union was born Sephiroth. However, this had an adverse effect on Lucrecia, ending up putting her in a near-death state after giving birth. Opposed to genetic experimentation and angered by Hojo's detachment to his wife's pain, Vincent confronted him about Lucrecia but in a fit of rage, Hojo shot Vincent down and after this, no one ever heard from the Turk again. Hojo on the other hand, used Vincent's body as a guinea pig for dangerous biogenetic experiments, altering his lifespan and aging to virtual immortality. All this while, he remained alive, being unable to die, and suffered the effects of Hojo's cruelty, eventually being allowed to 'sleep' when all said experiments were completed. What was done to Vincent gave him an extended lifespan, but with it came the curse of transforming into four different beasts, each of which are now a part of Vincent's genetic makeup- and was left in the Shinra mansion where the nightmares began.

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Vincent Valentine Application; Pt 3
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Guilt-ridden and tormented by his feelings for being unable to save Lucrecia and Sephiroth, Vincent slept in the basement of Shinra mansion for over twenty years, refusing to leave so as to 'sleep away his sin' even when he was found by the Turks. However, five years after the disappearance of Sephiroth, Vincent was discovered by an ex-SOLDIER named Cloud who told him about Sephiroth and because of discovering the conditions of his birth, Sephiroth had gone mad, thereby falling under the influence of Jenova, who wished to end all life on the Planet. The world they were in was now in danger . Realising that there may still be a chance to save the ones he'd failed to before, and hoping to redeem his sin by finding Hojo and finishing him off, Vincent abandoned all regret and joined Cloud to face his nemesis. Eventually he succeeded in killing Hojo and facing off Sephiroth, stopping him before he destroyed the planet- and now, Vincent travels alone, learning the backlash of the effects of Sephiroth's and Jenova's apparent 'deaths' and is separated from his companions but willing to help when called apon.

Sample roleplay: (From a game where he's warning Rufus of Sephiroth's return, hope it's alright)

After the inevitable conversation that had certainly caused more suspicion and corruption of thought than restoration, Vincent had excused himself from the silver-haired General. The result of their conversation borne in his thoughts as his own impending guilt; he had certainly been doing what had been right, had he not? He made his travel to the city that the young president had mentioned.

Sephiroth may have wanted to destroy Shinra. Vincent may have believed they deserved it.

But the man that had caused that pain was long gone and in his place was this boy-- this man. And the realization hit him before anything else; he couldn't let anything happen to him. It was his cross to bear, for what would go on in Sephiroth's mind now and he knew he would have to bear responsibility for it.

But, no matter. No matter at all..

He had to warn him.

Heads turned to glance at the strangely dressed figure who was making his way through the crowds with a calm air of elegance and composure, the red cape and dark clothing with the flowing dark hair making him a little more than noticeable, but he cared nothing of it.

His face, retaining the surprising freshness of his youth gave no answer to anything, and as he had checked ahead of time about where he was to meet the young President, he made sure to check the location and after one or two confirmations, found himself there.

And he paused; his eyes settling on the figure at a lone table, standing out to him as about as much as he probably was to the others. He had his father's outstanding features from his youth, Vincent had to admit-- but none of the strong ones that made his man so domineering. If anything, it was the opposite on Rufus Shinra; there was cunning on that face.

Fitting, he supposed, as he walked silently towards the other, but maintaining a short distance away even from the seat opposite where Rufus sat.

"Rufus Shinra." he greeted then, not wishing to draw this out more than necessary. He decided not to offer anymore explanation as to his short delay and why he was sidetracked.

That could come later; should his presence not have scared Rufus off within the next few minutes.

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[ Quick Note ]
[ death note; surprise buttsecks! ]

I left out Lucrecia's hand in making Vincent what he is in the history bit to avoid spoilers.

... just so you know. :D

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Re: [ Quick Note ]

You're approved! EEEE! *Cling* I adore your Vincent. <3! Feel free to make a journal and reply/make a first post if you want. ^_____^

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[ Journal ]

Here's his journal! ♥

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