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by Forgotten Archlight (serinance)
at November 6th, 2006 (02:53 am)

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Apply Here!

PLEASE let it be known that there will probably be sexual situations in this roleplay and suggestive inuendo. If you have any problems with homosexuality, bisexuality or transgenders don't join.

Your journal:
Character journal:
(yes this IS important)

Why do you want to play this character?:
(if I see 'becuz tehy r kool' you will instantly be denied membership. 'kay? kay.)

Character Name:
Reference picture:

(I want to see in depth paragraphs here, not one or two lines)

History: (Same as above, please be detailed, don't be afraid to leave anything out!)

Sample roleplay: (I want to see at LEAST 2 or 3 paragraphs. A sentence will not be accepted. And if you type like you're a 12 year old on spleen you'll also be denied membership)


Posted by: Jan (ssjkuja)
Posted at: November 13th, 2006 04:33 am (UTC)
Pizazz submits her application!

Your journal: ssjkuja
Name(nickname): Pizazz
Character journal: yazoo_resurgam
Age: 19
Email: kiubi_kitsune@yahoo.ca OR rock.hatake@gmail.com (I’d prefer it if you used the Yahoo e-mail though)
AIM/MSN/SKYPE: blue_ice69_@hotmail.com (I don’t have AIM or SKYPE)

Why do you want to play this character?: I wish to role-play as Yazoo, as I feel he is a very intriguing character that I wish to explore. Although I do have a good feel for his character thus far, I’m sure it can only continue to develop and improve.

Character Name: Yazoo
Reference picture: Yazoo
Occupation: None
Age: Unknown – appears to be in his early twenties

Personality: Cunning and dangerous, Yazoo is the shinentai that was formed from Sephiroth’s allure and superhuman qualities. His strength is a subtle one, but not to be underestimated, as he is ruthless and determined. With an ethereal air about him and his movements, he appears to be the more levelheaded of the shinentai. Yazoo approaches tasks with a cool mindset, and the certainty that he will hit his target or meet his goal. He shows little in the way of expression, though he is not unfeeling. All of his emotions were once directed towards the being he called Mother, though now that “Mother” has been removed from the picture, he has yet to find anything to direct his emotions towards.

History: Yazoo was spawned alongside his “brothers”, Kadaj and Loz, by Sephiroth. Willed into being by a mind beyond the Lifestream, and subtly guided by that same mind, he was essentially used as a puppet in his short time on the planet. During Kadaj’s plot to use children with Geostigma to lead them to Jenova’s remains, Yazoo was given the task to collect said children from the streets of Edge and bring them to his brothers. He died alongside Loz in an explosion that almost ended Cloud’s life as well.

Sample roleplay:
Yazoo turned around, but the source of the sound could not be seen. His expression didn’t show it, but he made a mental note to keep his guard up as he walked. Taking one last glance around the area to make sure he didn’t miss anything, he turned once more and continued to walk towards Seventh Heaven. Few passed him along the way, all lost in their own thoughts within the gray confines of Edge.

As he grew closer to the bar, he looked up and saw a statue of an angel perched on an archway. Though angels were believed to be signs of protection, this stone angel looked just as gray as the rest of the buildings, no more divine or protective than any other stone in the city. What a strange, false idol these people have placed here to look up at, thought Yazoo as he walked beneath it.

Seventh Heaven at last came into view, and Yazoo stood for some time across the street from its door. His reason for going to that place had never strayed from his mind, but he couldn’t help but pause a moment to let the moment sink in. There was a certain excitement in the thought of carrying out his objective, though he knew it would not be easy. Cloud was the only one who would probably recognize him, but the others would catch on quickly – that Yazoo was sure of. Regardless, he had something to do, and he would of course do it as efficiently as possible. Nodding to himself, Yazoo at last closed the distance to the door to Seventh Heaven and placed his hand on the doorknob.

Posted by: Forgotten Archlight (serinance)
Posted at: November 13th, 2006 04:36 am (UTC)
Re: Pizazz submits her application!

Accepted! Have fun! :D Be sure to click "join community" at the top of the page so I can approve you!

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