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aenaku_kaosu [userpic]
by aenaku_kaosu (aenaku_kaosu)
at November 16th, 2006 (03:10 pm)

current mood: accomplished

When: Mid-day (RIGHT NOW)
Where: City of Edge (It's under construction D:)
Notes: :D This is the first post in which EVERYONE can reply to! >3 Have fun! If you're playing a dead character they will be reformed near or exactly where they died. <3!


Loud clanks from metal pegs being hinged as iron hammers came down on them could be heard down in the street below, drills and other various equipment produced a low hum from a distance. It was not in the slightest bit pleasant to hear. Especially when you were waking up to a sight you'd never seen before.

Those trying to make a life for themselves here found it increasingly difficult. The population had been drastically reduced and what was more troubling was that more people were slowly dying off from the stigma or other means.

Even while the townspeople rubbed sleep from their eyes the work continued on endlessly. It was going to leave even more quickly today.

It seemed like a perfectly ordinary day. The sun was filtering down through the midmorning haze and casting shadows across the dusty roads, buildings and debris. The sky was a vivid blue overhead with a few lingering clouds and there was a slight warmth in the air despite the chill that accompanied it telling those in Edge spring was near even though nothing grew there.

The day stretched on blearily. All those who lived here trudged through the daily ritual of looking for work, looking for food, caring for what was left of their family. Somewhere a dog could be heard yapping, a cat could be heard hissing and overturning a garbage bin, it was nothing they weren't used to.

These people had learned to deal with loss. The loss of parents, the loss of children, wives, husbands, friends...but nothing was like this. Cloud had never seen anything like this.

It was one thing when they pulled bodies from the rubble. It was another when they came from the rubble. They weren't dead and that was what sent the entire city in shock. They were living, breathing, human beings.

Quite suddenly this day had become more than an average day.

Edge was thrown into chaos but he wasn't quite sure what kind it was yet. It was a strange acceptable kind of chaos that sent your mind reeling , your heart would stop beating, all at once you would feel nothing and everything. All he could do was stare blankly.

At least thirty people had come out from the ruins today, he'd read it in the paper, it was on the televisions in the bar and shop windows.

Thirty of them. No one lived there. No one could survive there. Fiends inhabited what was left and would usually kill off or attack lone travelers. Some people had claimed they were parts of their family. Dead mothers or fathers, some had none, some were hopelessly dazed and confused as to who they were.

He had never seen this before and regardless of if he felt it was right or not it was happening.

He had to do something. He had to find out what was going on.

Who, honestly, could he ask though? It wasn't like anyone else really knew what was going on. He'd been out of contact with the others until recently but after weighing it in his mind he decided it couldn't hurt to see if similar things were happening where they lived as well.

Or maybe they would just call him? He sighed softly and looked up ahead, searching the road ahead, he would have to rely on that unless he could find them. They were all terrible about answering their PHS's. Either way. He wanted to know if it was some hoax someone was pulling or if it really was happening...he tried to draw strength from a presence he couldn't feel at the moment and found it futile.

Where are you...? he wondered to himself.


Posted by: Yazoo (yazoo_resurgam)
Posted at: November 17th, 2006 04:40 am (UTC)

Yazoo wasn't sure which sensation returned to his confused mind first. Perhaps they all hit him at once, or came at him one at a time and he just wasn't coherent enough to tell. Suddenly, there was air coming in and out of his lungs, and light in his eyes, and the weight of his body as it lay on gray stone. His eyes darted around, rarely blinking, though his vision saw nothing but debris framing a blue sky. Gradually, Yazoo’s mind started to register what he was feeling. Life was flooding into him once more.

How strange it felt to be alive again. For some time, Yazoo found himself silently hyperventilating as instincts reminded him that he had to breathe. Once his breathing calmed, he began to clench his fists rhythmically, assuring himself that he was fully formed again as the clenching was felt throughout his body. He did this for some time, letting other things around him help to assure him that he was indeed alive; a breeze catching his hair, the light flutter of parts of his coat, the sound of his leather gloves creaking slightly…

I’m clothed, he thought. Odd, perhaps, for a first thought after resurrection, but it was what came to conscious first. His thoughts were fragments still, but they were becoming more whole with every one.

Next came I’m alive, which echoed a few times, followed by Get up.

Slowly, Yazoo began to draw his knees up. Get up. Get up…vulnerable. Get up.

When his feet were flat on the ground, he began to shift his weight onto them and pull the rest of his body upwards. Still in his head, he heard bubbling shards of thoughts, and the strongest continued to tell him to get up, to rise again.

He recognized where he was, now. The greatest spike of debris that he had been laying close to was once a building belonging to Shinra – the building upon which he had died. Slowly he rose beside it, fully formed and new in contrast with his dilapidated grave. Oddly enough, Yazoo did not feel weak as he brought himself to stand. His legs didn’t tremble, and his great agility still flooded throughout his body; he could feel it. The weight of Velvet Nightmare in its holster could also be felt.

At last he came to stand upright. What few memories Yazoo had of his previous, limited life had pieced themselves together once again. He remembered coming into being by the force of Sephiroth’s will, and the search for Mother, and his death, and his brothers.

Loz and Kadaj!

Although Yazoo did not feel affection in the conventional sense towards his “brothers”, they were the only company he had trusted. Still unsure of how he had returned, but also saving such inquiries for later, he began to slowly and silently search amidst the rubble for his fellow remnants.

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