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aenaku_kaosu [userpic]
by aenaku_kaosu (aenaku_kaosu)
at November 16th, 2006 (03:10 pm)

current mood: accomplished

When: Mid-day (RIGHT NOW)
Where: City of Edge (It's under construction D:)
Notes: :D This is the first post in which EVERYONE can reply to! >3 Have fun! If you're playing a dead character they will be reformed near or exactly where they died. <3!


Loud clanks from metal pegs being hinged as iron hammers came down on them could be heard down in the street below, drills and other various equipment produced a low hum from a distance. It was not in the slightest bit pleasant to hear. Especially when you were waking up to a sight you'd never seen before.

Those trying to make a life for themselves here found it increasingly difficult. The population had been drastically reduced and what was more troubling was that more people were slowly dying off from the stigma or other means.

Even while the townspeople rubbed sleep from their eyes the work continued on endlessly. It was going to leave even more quickly today.

It seemed like a perfectly ordinary day. The sun was filtering down through the midmorning haze and casting shadows across the dusty roads, buildings and debris. The sky was a vivid blue overhead with a few lingering clouds and there was a slight warmth in the air despite the chill that accompanied it telling those in Edge spring was near even though nothing grew there.

The day stretched on blearily. All those who lived here trudged through the daily ritual of looking for work, looking for food, caring for what was left of their family. Somewhere a dog could be heard yapping, a cat could be heard hissing and overturning a garbage bin, it was nothing they weren't used to.

These people had learned to deal with loss. The loss of parents, the loss of children, wives, husbands, friends...but nothing was like this. Cloud had never seen anything like this.

It was one thing when they pulled bodies from the rubble. It was another when they came from the rubble. They weren't dead and that was what sent the entire city in shock. They were living, breathing, human beings.

Quite suddenly this day had become more than an average day.

Edge was thrown into chaos but he wasn't quite sure what kind it was yet. It was a strange acceptable kind of chaos that sent your mind reeling , your heart would stop beating, all at once you would feel nothing and everything. All he could do was stare blankly.

At least thirty people had come out from the ruins today, he'd read it in the paper, it was on the televisions in the bar and shop windows.

Thirty of them. No one lived there. No one could survive there. Fiends inhabited what was left and would usually kill off or attack lone travelers. Some people had claimed they were parts of their family. Dead mothers or fathers, some had none, some were hopelessly dazed and confused as to who they were.

He had never seen this before and regardless of if he felt it was right or not it was happening.

He had to do something. He had to find out what was going on.

Who, honestly, could he ask though? It wasn't like anyone else really knew what was going on. He'd been out of contact with the others until recently but after weighing it in his mind he decided it couldn't hurt to see if similar things were happening where they lived as well.

Or maybe they would just call him? He sighed softly and looked up ahead, searching the road ahead, he would have to rely on that unless he could find them. They were all terrible about answering their PHS's. Either way. He wanted to know if it was some hoax someone was pulling or if it really was happening...he tried to draw strength from a presence he couldn't feel at the moment and found it futile.

Where are you...? he wondered to himself.


Posted by: aenaku_kaosu (aenaku_kaosu)
Posted at: November 18th, 2006 03:07 am (UTC)

For a moment memory seemed to cloud over his eyes, this place always made him feel an unexplainable kind of loneliness, a pang of what he felt was a lost cause. The memories lifted and he was not at all thrilled at what he saw.

His eyes constantly pried the horizon for anything that seemed threatening and in the distance he saw that the familar silhouette of a sword was missing. Who would dare disturb a gravesite?!

With a slight growl he veered Fenrir towards the slope. Maybe his mind was playing tricks on him, perhaps his lack of sleep was finally catching up on him and yet...he knew it should've been there.

The closer he became to the cliff the sooner he realized there was a lone figure moving at an ants pace and dragging something that glinted when it moved. He felt a sudden rush of rage fill him then. No one should ever dare to touch that place. No one! If they had wanted a sword they could've sooner stole one from a poor lone traveler!

Infuriated he revved the engine and urged the vehicle to move faster. He wouldn't stand for this.

Posted by: Zax Strife (saintsoldier)
Posted at: November 18th, 2006 03:27 am (UTC)
Zax - Loneliness

The distant roar of an engine echoed in Zax's ears... or maybe he was just imaginging things. He was aware now that he was quite vulnerable and delirious, maybe it was his primal instict for survival that somehow kept his legs moving, one, two, after the other. Step, step, thump. Step, step, thump.

What would Angeal say, seeing him demeanour the sword like this, using it like a walking stick? Undoubtedly the man wouldn't be happy. He barely used the sword for fighting, let along dragging it and stabbing it through the ground as a damn crutch.

The engines were getting louder, louder still. Couldn't still be a memory, could it...? Nah, he had to be hallucinating. No one came around this way anymore... he glanced up blearily, trying to focus on... a big black dot. That was getting bigger. And louder.

Oh hell.

Posted by: aenaku_kaosu (aenaku_kaosu)
Posted at: November 18th, 2006 03:38 am (UTC)

He engaged the autocruise,flicking a switch and pressing back on the pedals to slow it down to a slower speed that would come to a stop before the edge of the cliff. The outer frame of Fenrir extended as six seperate blades, three on either side, fanned out ready to be used.

Crouching low he gripped the hilt of the apocolypse coiling the muscles in his legs ready to spring on whoever it was. He didn't intend to let them get away with this.

Defiling a grave and stealing a dead man's possessions...someone he'd once treasured...was something they would have to pay for.

He gritted his teeth together, brows furrowed, sapphire eyes glowing fiercely with the planet's lifeblood and then pushed high into the air while Fenrir was still going at a decent speed. Breaking into a sprint when he landed to go and meet this person letting his blade's tip meeting the ground in a flurry of sparks as it met the course rocky landscape.

Posted by: Zax Strife (saintsoldier)
Posted at: November 18th, 2006 04:45 am (UTC)
Zax - Duel

Zax was starting to freak out a little. His vision was getting worse, he could still make out the shape of a person, the motorbike and its rider, but it was dramatically blurred and all he could tell was that he was being attacked and he had to do something quickly or he was going to be diced meat (considering that the guy had a sword that was as big as his).

Had he been in the right mind, it might have occured to him that this person was familiar. That the blonde hair was spiky even with the added blur of his eyes, unused to seeing. The furious growl coming from the other was even recognizable...

Gritting his teeth, Zax gave a grunt of effort and strained his arms, gathering all of the little strength he had and bringing the sword up to shield himself. His stance was bad, his footing was bad, he was preparing for the worst, but at least he wouldn't get killed.

The attackers sword slammed into his own with a force to be reckoned with, and with a harsh cry Zax was knocked back, slammed hard to the ground and skidding through the dust and dirt, sword flung from his ill-prepared grip off to the side somewhere.

Fuck, he was weak, and he hated it. Bring me back just ta get me killed again? Jeez, mother-Gaia, you suck.

Posted by: aenaku_kaosu (aenaku_kaosu)
Posted at: November 18th, 2006 05:04 am (UTC)

His cry was harsh as he knocked the other back and landed on his feet, sword drawn low, lips slightly parted as he drew in soft breaths. For a moment the anger seemed to contort his expression as he moved towards the other male, heavy boots thudding against the lower slope.

He intended to take the the sword back and let him leave with his life...but when he was finally close enough to see who the theif was the rage melted into confusion and shock.

There was nothing but silence between them and he took a step backwards unwilling to believe who his opponent had been. Things happening in Edge were one thing but this seemed completely out of place.

Why would Zax be alive...?

He tried to think of something to say, anything, but the words slipped away as he tried to rid of himself of this horrible and overwhelming feeling of guilt and disbelief.

Zax...couldn't be alive.

Posted by: Zax Strife (saintsoldier)
Posted at: November 18th, 2006 05:50 am (UTC)
Zack - He Held Me

Dizzy. Dizzy and blurry and sick. Zax had a stomach of steel but right now he felt like he wanted and needed to vomit, even though he hadn't eaten anything in a good few years. Being dead then being alive again sucked. There should've been some kind of in-betweener-place-thing that helped people physically revitalize from... being dead.

Realising that he was in a very vulnerable position but still wasn't dead or threatened yet, like the other guy had suddenly lost interest in him. He raised his head slightly, knitting his brow and struggling to get the world into focus. The other was standing closeby... just... watching him...

"... C... Cloud....?" finally his brain made the connection. He tried to sit up in a rush of shock but his body clearly didn't want t oobey and he fell back heavily to the ground. "... unh... "

Posted by: aenaku_kaosu (aenaku_kaosu)
Posted at: November 18th, 2006 06:07 am (UTC)
....what? *upseteded*

He wanted to believe this was some sort of sick joke that Gaia was playing on him, or that he had passed out and was dreaming. He couldn't deny Zax's existance. He was right in front him seemingly weak and not altogether there.

There had been stories and there had been rumors but he had never believed them.

Their presence seemed to be enough for him. He could always visit their place. It was somehow sacred, closed off to the world, a place of healing and a place of peace.

Yet having one of the presences he took most comfort in now having a bodily form was almost too much to bear. For a moment he didn't quite register it in his mind.

When he did his first instinct was to move forward instead of backwards, his sword clattering to the ground as he moved to support him. He recognized him. Weighing all the possibilities in his mind of how, why and for what purpose...

He decided questions could wait until later. It wasn't every day something like this occured.

Posted by: Zax Strife (saintsoldier)
Posted at: November 18th, 2006 06:26 am (UTC)
Zax - Thoughtfull Lookaway

That... felt nice. now that Cloud was closer Zax could recognise him from his sheer presence. Didn't matter that he couldn't see him, just the scent of him, the feel of him... was enough. He allowed himself to relax a little, and a small smile touched his face when he realised the oddness of the situation. This had to be the first time it was the other way around... that he was helpless and useless and Cloud was taking care of him... had bene for the last fews seconds, at least. Aaad that was after attacking him too.

"... Cloud," he murmured, resting his head against the other's shoulder. "What... why...?" he strained himself a little, trying to find his voice.

"...What the fuck happened to my sword?"

It was rusty and dirty and covered in scratches. He wasn't impressed.

Posted by: aenaku_kaosu (aenaku_kaosu)
Posted at: November 18th, 2006 06:41 am (UTC)

Carefully supporting his upper body he searched his face listening to him speak. If he had been in a better mood he probably would have looked amused or even laughed.

That was just like him to say that.

"...it doesn't matter." he said quietly, doing his best to hide his surprise beneath the familar and comfortable mask of apathy.

Zax seemed to be injured somehow. He wasn't sure how exactly one's self being revived would affect the body but he could guess it took a heavy toll. His face seemed to relax a little, even if as stoically as he could make it, he moved silently to attempt to help him stand.

"...can you walk?"

Posted by: Zax Strife (saintsoldier)
Posted at: November 18th, 2006 06:55 am (UTC)
Zax - Then Cannon got Fucked

"Mn... yeah... not very well though..." he gave another smile, a slight and apologetic one as he attempted to slide his feet up beneath himself and place them against the ground, gripping firmly onto Cloud as he shakily managed to stand.

".. and it is important. Y'know... she's m'baby..." his smile gave out into a frown, since the world through his eyes was looking more blurry and much darker by the minute, making him feel like he was in some kind of dream. Did people dream in the lifestream? Maybe he really was still dead...

... nope. No way he was. Cloud was solid against him, as was the ground, and the air he was breathing, damn, he could tell real air...

"... I'm gonna spew," he forewarned, blinking a few times and throwing an arm out dizzily. Stupid death. Making him feel shit.

Posted by: aenaku_kaosu (aenaku_kaosu)
Posted at: November 18th, 2006 07:26 am (UTC)

He was able to make out Zax's slurrs slowly, gripping onto him with a gentle firmness to keep him upright, supporting him as best as he could.

Cloud did take caution to his words since he'd had had enough motion sickness over the years to know exactly what it was like.

His eyes seemed to have a dim glow as he forced his precious memories of Zax back to the depths of his mind. Despite the fact he tried desperately to quiet all the questions...there was nothing that could. He was still reeling with the fact that he was here now. That he could touch him and feel him.

He did his best to make sure he didn't lose his balance wondering how on earth someone could even feel the need to throw up after that. Or more like, if it was possible. Worried and perplexed there wasn't much he could do for him, so he stood still and waited to see if he really did need to.

Patience was a virtue, afterall. With Zax you always needed a massive amount of it.

Posted by: Zax Strife (saintsoldier)
Posted at: November 18th, 2006 11:06 am (UTC)
Zax - Engel

Thankfully, Zax's iron stomach continued to uphold its reputation, and whilst the dizziness that brought about his nausea didn't cease, the nausea itself did. He was a bit worried and annoyed about not being able to see very clearly, or see at all for that matter, but it felt like just another side-effect of whatever was happening, and hopefully along with the others it would go away over time...

However Zax wasn't too worried about himself right now. Why should he be? He was alive, and so far that was good enough for him. No, already, even in his state, he was trying to comprehend how much this all would've mind-fucked Cloud yet, who wasn't speaking. As predicted, since he'd never really been big on talking, but not a good thing. Maybe the blonde had gone into shock. Maybe his brain had been reduced to putty. Who knew.

"... april fools..?" the older man managed weakly. Great Zax, great. Be an idiot to the guy. He might just decide you're an illusion and tyr ta knock your block off. "You're like... taller than I remember..."

He slurred a few more unintelligible words, something along the lines of assuring Cloud everything was going to be okay and noting absently that he wished he could see the look on his face, before his head dropped against the other's chest and he spoke no more, breathing quietly in his unconsciousness.

High on lifestream? Definitely.

(ooc: continue the rest in a log, I suspect? ♥ )

Posted by: aenaku_kaosu (aenaku_kaosu)
Posted at: November 18th, 2006 11:47 am (UTC)

((*salute* will do. x.x Too tired to post a reply right now though so we'll finish it up over the next few days.<3!))

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