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When: Mid-day
Where: Not to far away in everyone's favorite 'drinking' hole... (Northern Crater)
Who: Sephiroth
Notes: Just the entry post. He'll end up somewhere else soon enough >3 I figured a seperate entry was appropriate since it was too long for a comment and theres not many who can reply to this yet save for myself as Sephiroth makes his way around... 9.e

Sephiroth had faded back into the Lifestream once again. It was unfortunate, but it was only a minor setback. It was only mere moments before he could feel them, those pieces of his spirit he had forced into existence returning as well.

The Ancient girl’s spirit, Aerith…was she was trying to remove Geostigma from the humans’ bodies? How futile! Sephiroth’s presence was not going to be destroyed so easily. She could not make it rain everywhere and she could never remove him from the Lifestream. He would continue to taint it just as he had. In fact, there was already a great deal of power for him to obtain just by merging with the remaining dark strands of the Lifestream that still existed. In mere seconds, the plans for his rebirth fell into place.

“You’re a fool,” echoed Sephiroth’s thoughts through the Lifestream. “You could not destroy my spirit no matter how much you may try, your will is not great enough.” The words echoed harshly as he began to act.

The Lifestream was already in turmoil from his previous actions, ripping parts of it away and calling it to him while he battled with Cloud. Cloud… Yes! He could feel his spirit in the Lifestream. It seemed as though those two shards had done something useful after all. If he could find Cloud’s spirit and take it into his own self as well, then he would be even more powerful than before. And by doing so, he could effectively remove anything that might stand against him. His conscious tore through the Lifestream as he searched, where was he? He could feel he was close, so very close now… There! Aerith was not a fool though. Surely, she felt his intentions as well. Could he beat her to his goal? Of course he could. Or so he had thought. As he was only moments from his target it was ripped from the Lifestream and he ceased to feel it. Aerith had beaten him this time.

Enraged, Sephiroth’s will grabbed hold of the dark Lifestream and twisted it around his spirit, absorbing it into himself. He refused to allow that to hinder him in even the slightest. He would tear away from the Lifestream, gathering everything that he could under his influence to accumulate his power, using it to enforce his will.

”I will emerge anew, and I will force the Lifestream itself to destroy the world from where your influence can do nothing!” He roared as he literally tore the Lifestream apart, ignoring the possible consequences of doing so. All he intended was to emerge from the Northern Crater where it would be easiest to will his body back to material form. Who could have guessed that gathering his widespread will and corruption over the Lifestream to one place would not only make it easier for him to leave the Lifestream, but for the Lifestream itself to push him out of its own will. He felt it as he moved, had his spirit had a face it would have grinned. Sephiroth easily understood two things. Once he left the Lifestream with this power, removing all of his will and influence, he would no longer be able to manipulate the Lifestream directly as he had been while increasing the spread of ‘Geostigma’. He accepted that. The second would be that once he had gained his body back, he would not simply be a man, but he would be a living, breathing chunk of the Lifestream tainted by himself and Jenova inside of a body that acted merely as a shell. There were things he could not be certain of, such as if he be able to will other Sephiroth’s into existence as he had when manipulating pieces of Jenova, or whether he would be able to feel the remaining people with Geostigma and once finding them, be able to absorb the corruption into himself adding to his power? He’d only know when he reformed. What a grand feat this would be, to be renewed even greater then before!

There were only the three shards of his Spirit he needed to reclaim as he drifted, pushed by the Lifestream now. As he reached out with his will and spirit he could feel them drifting further away. What was the Lifestream doing? Was it trying to prevent him from taking them back? No… The Lifestream was rejecting anything to do with him! It was actually forcing those pieces of his spirit out as well. His laugh echoed briefly in the Lifestream before it was silenced…

A harsh light was what first greeted Sephiroth, the light piercing through his closed eyelids. The feeling of the cold and scratching winds of the Northern Crater raked along his face as his nerves reawakened. His breath came shakily, but not from being labored but from excitement. He was solid again. He had a body. He sat up slowly and looked around, His silver bangs whipping in the wind that assaulted him and his long black coat. It was the Northern crater. Standing was not much challenge, and even if it had been it would not have showed. How much of his previous powers did he have? He held out his hand and thought of his sword, his Masamune, and as he willed it, so it was. Black translucent spheres swirled about and solidified the Masamune’s handle, which Sephiroth gripped gently and examined. Yes, it was indeed his Masamune, exactly as he had desired. His laugh started as a quit chuckle but had soon grown into a loud laughter that echoed ominously off the walls of the Crater and even drowned the sound of the rushing winds. He was back in his entirety; body, spirit, will, sword in all. He could even feel Jenova inside.

He was back. And now he would finish what he had started…

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