eldritch_shadow (eldritch_shadow) wrote in nesshin_kokoro,

Who: Project G eldritch_shadow, Vice sunderedreverie, Kadaj kadaj_imperium only.
Where: Midgar, Atop the Shinra Headquarters (roof/70th floor)
When: Midday, light and constant breeze.
Notes: I am Gackt. shhh.


The extension of a single black wing shadowed the skeleton structure of the roof to the once extravagant Shinra Headquarters. The sky was mildly overcast, the wind brushed the dark auburn hair of a silohouetted man. His gaze was locked to a rooftop nearby. Along it's silver surface, something was stirring. There, glimmering in the distance was the flow of life, returning to physical form as it recreated a body that had not long ago been taken into it's flowing arms. As the body of a leather clad boy, his shoulder length hair covering his closed eyes appeared, a slow smile arose on his lips. He knew in many places, from many times, the dead arose this day. This one however, would prove useful.

"Our guest has arrived. Bring him here so that we may..talk." His deep voice seemed to resist being lost in the breeze as he turned his head to look to his left side at the strong, silver haired man who stood there.

Clouds slowly rolled across the sky, deepening shadows that dwelled beneath them. Fixating his glowing blue eyes to the horizon, his expression grew thoughtful. Mother gaia in all her glory.., her children whom lived upon her flesh, marring it, repairing it, living their lives. Such a simplicity on the surface beget complexity. She had shifted, convulsed, knowing that he was free upon her surface and that it was he who tugged at the waves of lifestream, beckoning them to move at his will. Peculiar was the scent of flowers that it brought when he attempted it. Perhaps insted it was he-the great general whom he had met only once, but had felt for the ages that he had existed- whom had rocked the planet so carelessly, that she lay groaning. She had become a child vomiting up her sickness. Whatever the truth was, his intentions brought fruit.

Feathers waving in the breeze, a light smile formed on his lips. Where failure had succeeded in the past, it's seed would dawn on this future. He would see to it. It was time to call those whose will cried in echos through the shifts of the oncoming storm.
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