Vincent Valentine (chaotic_impact) wrote in nesshin_kokoro,
Vincent Valentine

[ Open ] Returning

Who; Vincent Valentine, Anyone nearby
Where; Nibelheim; entrance
When; Late afternoon
Notes; 'cause everyone else is doing it. :3

With everything done and over with as it was, wasn't it foolish to linger apon the may have beens and would have been so's? Vincent found himself somewhat amused by the logic that up until a couple of weeks ago, he too would have disregarded. The changes certain things could bring apon you.

Not that it bothered him anymore. He was willing to learn, to walk forward from the errors of hi past, and continue onwards until..

Until I am no longer needed.

Now, the people within the town were far too familiar with his presence to protest or stare. The familiar red cape, the silent stride, was easily overlooked and for that, Vincent was grateful. While he tried to remain as invisible as possible, there was still a certain comfort in being recognised and not hounded for it.

Of course, there were certain things that were.. interesting.

Like the group of little kids playing by the town's central well, who kicked a ball in his direction. He paused in his walk as it approached his gold-clad foot, stopping there, and he slowly turned to look at them, a gentle look in his eyes as he shifted his leg and used the side of his foot to lightly knudge the ball lightly. Then, he bent down and picked it up in his right hand, holding it out to them.

The boy, three of them, had paused in shock, but when Vincent made his motion, smiles lit their faces and they ran forward to thank him, and retrieve their ball. As he stood, he was only stopped by a gentle tugging on his cape and a glance down revealed a three foot tall inquisitor.

"A'e you Vinny Valentine?" he asked in a squeak of a voice. Vincent had to resist a smile, though at the spoken name, the other three boys all gasped, turning around to look at him. So, had he achieved hero status already?

When he nodded, all three of them ran towards him and then came the part Vincent knew he couldn't break away from even if he wanted. Ah, well. Might as well humor them..

He wondered if Cloud went through this at all..
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