† Castiel ♥ (zax_dude) wrote in nesshin_kokoro,
† Castiel ♥

*EVENT* - Fiendish Skirmish - *EVENT*

*sighs wistfully* Oh, if only I could get the heading to flash neon and sparkly to catch everyone attention.

Who: ANYONE AND EVERYONE. Anyone close to Midgar, anyone at all. We'd like to see more people active! Everyone roll along here and see what happens...!

When: Friday, late morning.

What?: Some fiends have stormed the city and mostly everyone is rushing around in a blind panic. Help, hide or destroy, your choice.

Notes: Really just a random event to get people active. C'mon dudes, flock! Also, I'm NPC-ing Denzel in this as being with Zax outside, though I've reserved him in advance and will be playing him soon. ♥

* * *

At first it had just been by the city's outskirts, a couple of roguish fiends who seemed to have wanted to try and test their luck at how long they could survive in Edge, the surrounding passerbyers had barely batted an eyelid as some of the city's guards took care of it.

But after a couple came a couple more, and very soon, the entire east side was swarmed with the creatures. And not even the usual, weaker monsters that roamed the wastelands surrounding the recovering settlement, but larger, stronger ones, some of the like that a large portion of the close-minded people of Edge had never seen.

And from that point by the eastern border, the chaos slowly started to spread. Screams of fright because entangles with screams of pain and blood splattered newly set cement, less began to fight and more began to run, closer to the city centre, even those who barricaded themselves into houses and shops couldn't remain safe for long.

Edge started to take a very steep dip into chaos. And nobody knew how, why...
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