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~*Anxious Hearts*~

Before was just the lesser evil

Anxious Hearts Roleplay
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||Open now for members to join||


Serinance - serinance
AIM - EmoChocoboBoy
MSN - onewingedangel_7@hotmail.com
Skype - IchiHaneTenshi

Zax - zax_dude
AIM - Zax likes Ya0i
MSN - spike-o-path@hotmail.com

Jeri - thelastdaughter
AIM - ChibiRobotics
MSN - littleoneoflight@hotmail.com

Neko - anrakushi
AIM - PCheshireCatgirl
MSN - animus_caliginus@hotmail.com

Hello! ^-^ This is a in character group made for a post Advent Children/Dirge of Cerberus roleplay. Here's the rules and I'll follow you up with a short summary!

We reserve the right to remove out of character players or those who become inactive for more than four months


Application form
Nesshin Kokoro OOC community
Friend-Add Master List

Above all! What the mods say GOES

1. No Godmoding. You're all mature...right? So act like it. This will not be tolerated being done by anyone. You will only get one warning and afterwards you will indefinately banned.

2. No flaming. I don't want to see anyone pick on anyone else just because they may not like the character, the style of roleplay, nationalities, religion or anything. This will result in immediate banning.

3. |)0 |\|07 74|_|< |_!|<3 7|-|!5. Unless of course, you're a smart person. Then it's funny. Anyone who speaks like that normally will not be accepted into this group. No netspeak and no god awful grammar.

4. There will only be one of each character. After this character is taken it's taken. I don't want to hear any whining about how you're so good at playing that character and how upset you are that you didn't get it. First come first serve.

5. Be Civil. Treat others at you want to be treated. Golden rule duckies :P

6. Keep the drama down. We care about you guys, but leave it out of the roleplay okay? If you are going to be on a haitus or unable to play you are allowed to post to the community itself but we don't want to see any emo-ing or threatening to kill yourselves ect, ect... You can also post at the OOC community to let us know what's going on! Thanks.

7.Don't be cocky. You're good, I'm good, but let's keep the arrogance down. If you pull the whole 'I'm better than you' then this will make the maintainers not happy. >>;;;

8.Participation is needed. Don't join if you don't think you can keep up.

9.An application for your character MUST be written. If you're not accepted you probably need a bit of help with roleplaying. Study english. Study the dictionary. Eat a thesarus. Go away.

10.Enjoy yourself. Remember, this is just a roleplay. No one's actually going to come and stab you in your sleep. Also remember that this is an in character roleplay so do your best to make them act accordingly.

You will not be accepted or banned if:

You force your character sexually on someone else's character without the player's consent. I don't care how much you love whatever pairing. There will be no random raping or smexing unless you get the go ahead. Please put a cut and warnings over it. Thanks.

You fail to follow the rules


You can't type. No seriously. If you can't type like a normal educated person don't even think about entering.

You fail to submit an application. Everyone MUST fill out one. Links to other journals or logs are good too but there will be no expections.


Characters Available:

Main cast:
Cloud Strife - aenaku_kaosu
Aeris Gainsborough - liliesintherain
Tifa lockhart - beat_rush_tifa
Cid Highwind - open
Barret Wallace - open
Red XIII/Nanaki - wisenanaki_xiii
Yuffie Kisaragi - open
Vincent Valentine - chaos_impact

Sephiroth - saferseraphim
Jenova - open
Hojo - open
Kadaj - on hold
Loz - loz_reverto
Yazoo - yazoo_resurgam

Rufus Shinra - open
Scarlet - open
Cait Sith/Reeve Tuesti - open
Heideggar - open
Turks(also under Shinra category):
Tseng - open
Elena - open
Reno - open
Rude - open

Marlene Wallace - open
Denzel - open
Sierra - open
Lucrecia Crescent - open
Zax - saintsoldier
Angeal - open
Johnny - open

Original characters are accepted. If I forgot anyone let me know. Cursing is allowed but not excessively (unless of course you're playing Cid) so if you're under the age of 13/14 years old I do not suggest entering this roleplay. I'm sure you all know the rules, mark if it's adult content.Sex scenes are okay but let's keep it low key (Put it under the LJ-CUT and put warnings).


Brief summary

The setting is post Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus.

It seems that two mysterious figures have appeared on Gaia after an attempted scouring of the planet. People are recovering from the massacres that the Yvet ravaged across the face of their tiny world. All the while, these two lie in wait.

It seems that stranger and stranger things have begun happening. The dead are springing to life for some unknown purpose. Those who refused to join the lifestream and reach the promised land, those who wished to look upon their loved ones, those who thought their life had not ended. Warriors who stood at the brink of the living and the dead willing to fight for the planet's existance. So their own existances began again.

Mother Gaia is speaking in hushed whispers, warning her beloved children of another battle to come. There are those gathering in the shadows to meet their masters...Who are these people? What do they want? Why are they here? Were they too one of the risen?


We're hoping you'll enjoy. Please feel free to enter if you feel you're capable. As the plot moves along there's more yet to unfold. You're allowed to add in upon as you see fit and as long as it makes sense.

OOC is allowed but not in massive doses. I don't want this community to simply be about joking around. It's okay once in a while, or if you need to ask a question. Other than that. Don't go there.

So what're you waiting for? JOIN!